TGR Handcrafted Custom Humidor

A handsome handcrafted cigar humidor, made from “rift sawn” white oak. This humidor is an exclusive product to The Great Republic, created in a limited edition of only 25. The lid of this distinctive humidor is hand-stamped with a seal of George Washington’s 1789 Inaugural button.This humidor uses a patented moisturizing system, designed to provide the ideal environment for storing cigars. Cigars need to be maintained in an environment of controlled humidity and temperature similar to the countries to where the tobacco is grown, to mature properly and allow the cigar to burn cool and produce a pleasant aroma and flavor. This can only be done with the use of a quality cigar humidor, crafted with a tight seal and proper hygrometer. Handcrafted in Pennsylvania, USA

Donated by The Great Republic

Art, Home Decor, Houseware
The Great Republic