The Enduring Commitment of Air Force Spouses

The United States Air Force Charity Ball is an annual gala that was started in 2004.  That year, the Air Force Officers’ Spouses’ Club (AFOSC) at Bolling Air Force Base created a special committee to host a charity ball to benefit the Air Force Aid Society (AFAS), the official charity of the United States Air Force. Since its inception, the gala has generated over $8 million and become one of the largest fundraisers for AFAS.

This remarkable feat is due to the efforts of the US Air Force Charity Ball Committee.  Year after year, a talented and energetic group of Air Force spouses bring an extended community of donors and volunteers together to create an unforgettable evening.  This year is no exception as we again strive once again to deliver a singular experience that will also make a positive impact in the lives of our Airmen.

2018 Charity Ball Committee

2019 US Air Force Charity Ball Advisors & Chairmen


Dawn Goldfein
Nancy Wilson

Ball Committee

Christina Mavity
Lisa Krumm
Beth Howell
Kim Nahom
Heather Moseley
Nikki Moore
Kim Franks
Jeryn Palenske
Olivia Ramsey
Carla Murphy
Michelle Aikman
Carey Cothern
Sonya Dunn
Diane Rauch
Marilyn VanHerck
Karen Tapper
Christa Dittus
Nancy Reed
Pamela Felman
Deb Arquiette
Laurie Siebert